harry imagine for sia

imagine: you just got home after hanging out with your guy best friend. you guys went shopping and had lunch and he dropped you home at your flat. soon, your boyfriend, harry comes by to visit you. “hey babe” he says and pecks your lips. “how was your day?” “it was good. hung out with shane today” suddenly harry’s mood went from happy to jealous. “oh really?” “yea. we had fun” “did anything happen?” “uhm, we went shopping and had lunch?” “did he do anything else?” “like what, babe?” “tried to…kiss you?” you suddenly caught on. harry’s jealous. “oh baby. no. nothing happened. he’s just my best friend. we have been since preschool. i would never trade you for him. you’re my everything. i love you harry. please don’t be jealous.” harry scoffed and said “me jealous? i’m never jealous” you rolled your eyes and said “of course harry” you both laughed and shared a romantic kiss.

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niall imagine for kassidy

imagine: you are at the beach with your lovely boyfriend niall. you 2 have been together for about 2 years and are madly in love. you were laying on a beach blanket working on your tan while niall was in the ocean. or so you thought. after a few minutes, you fell asleep while tanning. suddenly, you felt two strong hands pick you up. it was niall and he was laughing his signature laugh. “NIALL JAMES HORAN!! PUT ME DOWN!!” he was still laughing and said “OK!” you felt relieved but later realized what he had planned. he threw you in the ocean and was laughing so hard he could barely stand up. “I’M GONNA GET YOU NIALL!” you soon got to him and pulled him down in the ocean with you. you guys played in the water like little kids. after a few minutes of splashing each other, niall leans in to kiss you. you both kissed and when you pulled apart, niall said “i love you so much kassidy. you’re the most precious thing in the world and i never want to lose you.” “i love you too niall. i never want to let you go either. you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.” you both kissed again and niall helped pick you back up. you guys spent the rest of the day walking on the beach holding hands and never leaving each other’s sides.

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taking imagines requests!

send me your name and which boy you want in your imagine. 

p.s sorry i haven’t been really active lately. i had a bunch of school stuff going on.

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Reblog with what you get! :) 

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Yep, totally normal lol

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Pray for Nialls friends. 

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when someone mentions One Direction….

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Reblog this if you have never sent hate to Danielle because she is dating Liam



I want to see of there are actually people in this fandom with a heart.

No, I have never sent hate to Danielle because she doesn’t deserve any. It has nothing to do with the fact that her boyfriend is Liam. tbh.

I never sent hate to danielle because she’s so sweet and nice. she makes liam happy and liam makes her happy.

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oh my god i’m in tears


I aseriuosly cant stop laughing! hdfajhgj

oh my god! this is just…i don’t know how to describe this lol. this is hilarious

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Niall Imagine for Carmen: he finds out you play violin.

Imagine: You are planning a big date with Niall later in the evening. while you are waiting for him, you decided to practice playing your violin. you’ve been playing violin for many years and you are super talented. Niall came home earlier than you thought. He called your name several times but no answer. he started to hear music playing. so he followed the sound and it was coming from your room. you were still playing your violin and you were lost in your music. niall was standing at your door just mesmerized by your talent. you finish your song and you heard niall speak. “princess, i had no idea you can play violin. you are so talented.” “i’ve played ever since i was a little girl. it’s always been a passion of mine” niall came to you and wrapped his arms around your waist. he gave you a wonderful kiss. “please play more music” you guys spent the night at your home while giving a little mini concert for your lovely boyfriend niall. after your little concert, niall held you close and said “i love you Carmen. So much.” “I love you too niall”

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aaaww louis!!

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  • Harry: Harry was at work and you guys had a date later that evening. He just called to say he was on his way home. You start to get ready and you decided to play "What Makes You Beautiful" while you got ready. While getting ready, you started dancing, even though you're not the best dancer in the world. You didn't know it but harry came home earlier than you thought. He saw you dancing. you turned around and saw him and started to blush. he couldn't help but smile and say "you're too cute, love." he kissed you and you finished getting ready for your date.
  • Louis: You had to go upstairs to get ready for an awards ceremony with your boyfriend louis. he was downstairs getting ready and you were upstairs. your favorite song came on the radio and started dancing. louis came up stairs to see how you look for the night. instead he sees you dancing like an idiot. he try to keep quiet and he sneaked up behind you and started dancing with you. you turned around and saw him trying to do all your dance moves but is failing miserably. you couldn't help but laugh but you're also a little embarrassed because he saw you. he couldn't help but laugh and say "you gotta teach me those moves".
  • Liam: You were by yourself and decided to play your radio. your favorite song came on and you started to dance like a moron. you didn't hear liam come in your flat because the music was loud. he can see you dancing. he got out his phone and started recording you. you soon turned around and saw what he was doing. in shock, you grabbed the phone and started laughing. "how long were you standing there?" "long enough. i didn't know you can dance" "i can't" you said laughing. you hugged and kissed liam and said "please don't post this video on twitter" "too late" he said laughing. soon "liam'sgirlfriendisanawesomedancer" is trending on twitter.
  • Niall: you and niall had a Just Dance competition later against each other. so you decided to start practicing. you weren't the best dancer in the world, but hey that didn't stop you. you were into the song and having fun. you didn't hear niall come in and he saw you dancing. "hey princess!" he said in a sing songy voice. you turned around and saw him standing there. you were so embarrassed. "keep going princess. you were doing great. i want to see you dance again" you started to dance again. and when the song was over, he put his arms around you and kissed you. "you're too precious princess"
  • Zayn: you were playing music by yourself while you were getting ready for your night out with zayn. you heard a new song on the radio and started to dance. zayn walked into your room and saw you dancing. he couldn't help but laugh when he saw you. you heard him laugh and you got embarassed. he saw your face turn red and he said "hey, no need to be embarrassed. you're a better dancer than me, love." he came over to you and gave you a passionate kiss and you guys got ready your night out.
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Let’s all just take a minute to remember that this happened


Omg this

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i love my best friend. <3

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nialler imagine for amanda!

imagine; you and niall had the day off from work. you guys have been dating for quite some time now. you both decided to order nandos and watch movies all day. you guys are watching “step brothers” and you guys are laughing through the whole movie. “wow amanda, you have the cutest laugh ever” you blush and said “thanks niall. your’s is really cute too” “not as cute as your’s” you guys cuddle up closer still watching the movie. once the movie went off, you guys took a nap on the couch. niall held on to you as you fell asleep. you woke up a few hours later still holding on to him. you smiled and kissed his cheek. he smiled and u knew he was awake lol. “you sleep ok, princess?” “yes i did, prince” you guys shared a passionate kiss. he stroked your beautiful golden brown hair and looked into your hazel eyes and said, “amanda, you are my world. you make me so happy. will you do the honor of being my bride?” “yes i will” you smiled and you both kissed each other again. “i love you amanda.” “i love you too niall”

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